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Dear OFPC Family and Virtual Community:


I greet you today in the name of the God who sees, hears and knows us. I pray that you and your family are still well in every way. I was at the church on last week and my eye caught the display board that sits right outside the sanctuary door.  The date on the board was March 15, 2020. I stood there for a moment a reflected on the events that have taken place in the last five and one half months. What we have seen happening in the world, the country, this state and in our lives is mind-boggling!


In the midst of these difficult situations, we are challenged to continue to serve God with joy, to be faithful in word, deed and thought.


We have seen the biggest part of the summer come and go and much to our dismay, the COVID-19 infection continues to spread around the world.  The latest numbers reveal that over 6 million people are infected with COVID-19 and in the USA at least 180,000 have died. To this end, your Session promised to get back with the congregation by the end of the summer concerning face –to face worship.

On August 10th your Session made the decision to continue the virtual worship services and remained closed for face-to-face worship services for the remainder of 2020. The Session will reassess our readiness to reopen before January 2021.

Likewise, the Newark Presbytery’s Task Force on COVID-19 does not support reopening of our churches in the Newark Presbytery until January 2021. I have attached the link below so that you can read the entire report.


Click here to Read the Report! 

NOTE: You are encouraged to continue to wear a mask and to remain at least 6 feet apart when in public.