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 Serving God, serving our community and serving one another is at the heart of who we are as a church. Whether you are seeking to learn, relate or share your gifts there is a place for you to get involved and be cared for. First Presbyterian Church offers a variety of ministry areas, each of which provides different opportunities for connection.

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In the Acolyte Ministry our young people serve as active leaders in our worship service.

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Service is the foundation of this ministry.  

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Equipping children, youth and adults with an expanding knowledge of the Christian Faith.

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Summer Bible Ministy

Children are provided with theme based Bible-study that is filled with fun filled activities.

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Chancellor Choir

Songs of praise and worship are offered to the glory of God.

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Every Thursday at noon, members of the congregation and the community.

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Angel Tree Ministry

Make this your own.

Add the content you want.

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Praise Ministry Team

Singing praises to God is the focus of this ministry.  Anointed singers offer songs of Praise.

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Cancer Walk Ministry

Each year in the fall, the entire congregation supports the City of Newark’s Annual Cancer Walk.

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Thanksgiving Ministy

Every year Thanksgiving Dinner is provided for the unfortunate.

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Women of Old First Church spend the church year in service to God.

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